Monday, November 24, 2014

2015 Triathlon Goals

As with the start of any New Year, if not a time for making resolutions it is definitely that time when you need to start planning for the upcoming year. This last year I managed to execute on a number of major goals related to my career, schooling (mainly the whole graduating aspect), and of course health and fitness. Granted last year was relatively light in the whole racing department, this is something I am hoping to expand on as I finally finish school and begin working. In addition this is the year I turn 29 (a big number!) and the last opportunity I have to prepare for the grueling and highly-competitive 30-34 age group. For the coming year I have decided to adopt a much more proactive approach to the use of racing as a training motivation, especially considering that my 'A' race doesn't take place until the end of August! Rather than simply selecting major goals sprinkled throughout the year (letting them fall where they may) as I did last year for 2015 I have split my year into months. Although I have more objectives for the coming year than just racing I've decided to limit this post to what is also the major theme of my blog - that being health, fitness, and triathlon.

Gear Purchases

TYR Hurricane Cat 2
2015 Specialized Tarmac Sport

Saucony Kinvara 5

Profile Design Aerobars

Fitness Goals

Swim - 1500m @ 18 min, Bike - 25 miles @ 1 hour 2 min, and Run - 10km @ 35 min

Monthly Breakdown


January is a big month, after all it is the start of the entire New Year! Happy 2015 everyone! I don't have plans for News Years Eve so if you are doing anything be sure to let me know! Anyway I digress. This is basically the month I recover from the holidays and return to my training program. I don't have any events planned for January because I want to focus on training for an event in February.


February is my birth month! That shouldn't affect my training or race planning any way. I decided to run in the Hellyer Half Marathon in San Jose, CA. A couple of considerations went into choosing this race over the much larger and more established Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon mostly its come down to that this will actually be my first half marathon, this event is much closer to home, and I would prefer a smaller crowd and easier logistics. I haven't set a specific goal for this race as it's something I typically do closer to, long-term I am hoping to have a 1:30 half. Needless to say most of February will be run focused, which is good because it is winter!


For March I decided to celebrate 1/4 of my heritage which is Irish with a St.Patrick's Day race. This will be fun because I can wear all green and maybe a shamrock headband or something outrageous. If all goes well in February this will be my second ever half marathon! For this event I should be taking the lessons of the Hellyer Half and applying them in a way that I should hopefully be better able to complete this event with ease in good time. Other than that I think this may be a bit of a fun run so I won't be taking my ranking results too seriously assuming I place near the top of my age group.


Breaking from my prior two-month tradition of running half-marathons my first triathlon of the season (and my second tri ever) takes place in April. It is the Half Moon Bay/Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon in Half Moon Bay, CA. This will be my first ocean triathlon and also the first race I have done at sea level. Going into this event should motivate me to be doing the open ocean swimming that I need to practice. Ideally I will have an easy race and can grab a confidence boost before I jump into the much longer swims required for the International and 70.3 events which is my current long term goal for at least the next two years. Looking at last years results suggests that this will be a relatively small event.


For May I'm hoping to step up the distance a bit by completing a bit of a longer event. The Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon is at the extended distance race for this class of event with a 1200m swim, a 16mile cycling leg, and finishing off with a 5 mile run. This event should be my longest to date and more closely will resemble the International events I plan on doing later in the season. By this time I hope to have practiced my open water swimming to the point where I am not troubled by the open water aspect of this event. I have visited this reservoir before is lovely and I have a good idea regarding road conditions and topography. Other than the swim this should be a very straightforward event and hopefully the first one where I can use the bike that I want for the year pictured above.


For June I decided to do a third USAP Events branded triathlon this time it will be the California International Triathlon taking place in Pleasanton, CA. This will be my first official Olympic/International triathlon. I chose this event because it is a lake swim. I am hoping that I will be more comfortable doing later season races at altitude and in the open ocean at this distance if I can start with a lake swim. The lake its self looks fairly small and I am hoping that I establish a realistic timed trial of my fitness for future races.


The Firecracker 10k is a race I have been looking forward to doing for a couple of years. There is no real fitness objective here other than to have a great time. Well I guess that it is incidental that the 10k distance also applies to my coming 'A' races so I could be doing this as a Time Trial but mostly I've been wanting to just make it out and enjoy the course. You can check out a preview on the events webpage which shows just how nice the day will be.


In August I have two major events planned. The first being the Crystal Springs Trail Run which is held in Woodside, CA. The Half Marathon for this day is actually one of the shorter events being held. I will never have done a trail run to this point. Mostly I am interested to check out some of the Ultra-runners and trying trail running for the first time. There was a January option for this event but I think that the weather will be nicer in August.

The second main event for August is the Lake Tahoe Olympic Triathlon, this is a special event to me because it is also my first triathlon. I have a race report up from the event I did this last summer in which I knew that I wanted to return. This is where I am hoping that my hard work improving my swim will finally pay off, if not this is going to be a very painful event as I have keen memories of suffering on the swim from this summer. Basically the altitude will throw a wrench into all of my training and preparation. I'm hoping to have a fun time in a beautiful location. Other than that I can't really set realistic goals as I know from last time that hypoxia will be the ultimate limiter. This event has proven to be the most motivational for me throughout the year. Tahoe is something of a local race and attracts may Bay Area, Northern Californian, and Nevada residents. I feel that it is a worthy challenge and something that I want to excel at in the future.


September will be my final racing month as I have it currently planned and is also the time of the year in which the Santa Cruz Triathlon takes place. This may be the most popular event I have planned and is likely to have the largest competitive field. I simply love the location and the course is spectacular. I am looking forward to getting comfortable with bigger fields and also the longer ocean swim. In this case we swim right around the iconic pier. Assuming I have survived the Lake Tahoe Triathlon at this event I am hoping to me much more comfortable on the swim as it will be my return from the altitude of Lake Tahoe. This is a decidedly local event and some of the best triathletes from the Bay Area will be competing.

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Currently I have nothing planned for these months other than decreased training load and possibly an ad hoc fun run with friends. I am looking forward to reporting on my progress throughout the year and redoing a post similar to this in November or December of 2015!