About Me

MultiSport Oliver

I'm Oliver a 25-29 age group business major and amateur triathlete with loads of experience in a variety of sports as well as backpacking and travelling. Basically anything that delivers new experiences and requires health & fitness. I started biking for health but ended up falling in love with triathlon. I'm also an Accounting and Finance major passionate about helping business grow! I like to push myself hard in the chosen areas I have committed to pursuing. Since the summer of 2013 have set out on the grueling journey towards the even more brutal goal of completing a full-triathlon in 2015 or 16. I'm blogging to add an element of fun and ownership to my major passion which is exploring, experiencing, and learning about sport of triathlon. Growing up I played team basketball, soccer, volleyball, cross country running, and judo. I took up triathlon after getting involved in a cycling related fundraiser with a past employer. Now I train in at least two disciplines nearly everyday. I love the variety of the activities and the opportunity to spend time outdoors. My major life focuses right now are eating right, maximizing my sport performance, career opportunities, recovery, self-discovery, and continuing working towards my goals as an athlete. This blog will not just focus on elements of training, but will expand to include race reports, news coverage and opinion, and equipment reviews among other features. I hope to leave a blueprint for others to follow who are new to the sport or need inspiration. I am constantly being inspired by the accomplishments of people just like me who have gone on to complete extraordinary feats of physical and mental discipline. I am always interested in learning more about triathlon, sports, and other outdoor activities and adventures. Please enjoy my blog, comment, or send me a message!
- Oliver