Big Blue Adventures - Lake Tahoe Sprint Triathlon 08/23/2014

 After the race with my mom! So much fun having family to cheer me on!
 Taking my things back to the car after the event
Drinking post-race Gatorade
Sprinting to a 1:15:00 finish taking 52nd overall just 16 seconds ahead of a 11 year old! :-)
 Coming around with the finish line in sight!
 Ready to leave transition for a 2 mile run
 Transitioning out of my cycling gear
 Leaving transition for the cycling portion of the event
 Hopping gracefully (not) onto my bike after the white mount line
 Cycling gear on and happy to be finished swimming
 Stepping carefully out of chilly Lake Tahoe after a tough swim
 Pre-race smiles in my swimming gear
 Very early morning transition setup, organization, and fun
 Dawn on a Lake Tahoe dock with my mom

 Bicycle rental fun with my mom
Funny shirt from the bicycle rental store in Lake Tahoe City