My Playlist

I currently have three playlists set up on my iPhone to play when I am going through the three phases on my workout. I've found that this is faster and easier than hand picking a selection of the appropriate songs to go along with the exercise. This way I can easily throw shuffle on the appropriate playlist and forget about having the song I like to hear during recovery come up by accident. Almost every track that I purchase on iTunes is the 'workout mix' of a popular song.


These songs are basically the bicep curls of music: designed to do one thing which is get you so pumped up you transform into an exercise monster ready to slay your routine.


The workout playlist is your backbone soundtrack for pushing the pace and staying stimulated after the pre-workout psych up you just experienced. Nothing too intense but definitely nothing lower than 160 bpm.


By this time your body is probably broke-down and protesting, you may be operating on your last energy reserves and need something to keep you from falling apart emotionally. These songs, while maybe a bit depressing or even sedative during normal times, are the recovery/comfort food of workout music.